about me

Wendy (they/them) is a vastly experienced and uniquely creative designer looking to further a career in the graphic design industry. Demonstrated through their consistent output of new and inspired work, Wendy has always been a motivated artist whose passion resides in problem-solving.

From the founding of their own art business to their formal education and varied employment, Wendy has applied their design skills to reality. Drawing inspiration from the every day, they act as an artistic chameleon, shaping their work to solve diverse, real-world dilemmas. Their designs consist of irresistible packaging and eye-catching branding, insisting that their artwork is a solution to the boredom of the status-quo. 

Taking every obstacle as an opportunity to grow, Wendy’s work inspires. Their ability to change as they create, from project to project, only strengthens their artistic vision. Looking ahead, Wendy looks forward to evolving themselves in the graphic design industry as an energetic and diligent contributor and leader.